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Youth Empowerment Solutions

YES is an evidence-based violence prevention curriculum that empowers youth to change their physical and social environments. Youth learn leadership skills, assess their community, and develop and implement projects that contribute to violence prevention. Adults are trained to support youth in taking the lead on community change. YES  has been adapted and implemented in several communities across the nation.

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Flint Adolescent Study

The Flint Adolescent Study (FAS) is a longitudinal interview study of youth growing up in Flint, Michigan. The study began in 1994 with a cohort of 850 ninth graders. The goal of the study is to explore adolescent resilience. It began with a focus on school dropout and substance use across their four high school years. We continued to follow the participants into their 20’s as they transitioned into adulthood.

Now in their 30’s, many of the original FAS participants have children of their own, and are participating in the follow up FAS Generation 2 study.

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Youth Violence Prevention Through Environmental Design

A project of the Michigan Youth Violence Prevention Center, aims to study the effects of environmental design on crime and youth violence. The project is in partnership with the University Avenue Corridor Coalition (UACC), a local community-based coalition in Flint, MI.

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