Flint/Genesee County Friendly Access Project Evaluation Study


The mission of the systems-wide Friendly Access Program was to change the culture of maternal and child health care delivery systems in ways that increased consumer access, satisfaction, utilization and outcomes. The evaluation analysis included one-on one interviews with 358 new mothers still hospitalized after giving birth and 377 pediatric caregivers as well as 111 provider surveys.

The objectives of the Friendly Access program based in Flint, Michigan were to:

  • Create and evaluate model system for the delivery of maternal and child health services at the community level.
  • Build a maternal and child health leadership development and quality service improvement training program for community-based, interdisciplinary teams of service providers addressing the health of mothers, infants, and youth children.
  • Implement a technical assistance program for community coalitions developing Friendly Access demonstration programs.
  • Implement a Friendly Access research program that defines problems based on experience and data, investigates solutions, designs interventions to address the problems, evaluates results in community settings, and disseminates “best practices” nationally.
  • Develop a holistic approach to the delivery of maternal and child health services by linking health care providers with social, educational, and economic service providers who work with the same families.
  • Build a national dialogue on quality service through national and regional conferences, and information exchange on the Friendly Access website.

Technical Reports