Great Lakes Camp Needs Assessment

  • Principal Investigator: Julie Allen
  • Project Dates:
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The University of Michigan School of Public Health conducted a Needs Assessment for the Great Lakes Camp. This year-round camp is located in Pinckney, Michigan (25 miles northwest of Ann Arbor). It is based on the Hole in the Wall model founded by Paul Newman, which is the largest family of camps worldwide serving children with serious illnesses and chronic conditions and their families.

The primary goals of the Great Lakes Camp Needs Assessment were to document the need for this camp in the region, determine the children with the greatest unmet need for camp opportunities, and collect data to inform the development of the camp’s programs and facilities. The Needs Assessment entailed determining the number of children in the camp catchment area affected by medical conditions served by Hole in the Wall camps, conducting an inventory of existing camps, and interviewing/surveying physicians, camp medical directors, advocacy organization representatives, and families.