YOUR Blessed Health

church group

  • Principal Investigator: Bettina Campbell, MSW, YOUR Center
  • Co-Investigators and Evaluation Consultants:
    Derek Griffith, PhD, UM SPH
    Julie Allen, MPH, UM SPH
  • W. K. Kellogg Health Scholars (Postdoctoral Fellows):
    Latrice Pichon (2008-2010)
    Kevin Robinson (2005-2007)
  • Project Dates:
    Pilot Project: October 2006-March 2007
    Expansion Project:  January 2008-December 2009
    Expansion Project II:  January – December 2010
  • Funding: Ruth Mott Foundation


YOUR Blessed Health (YBH) is a faith-based research study designed to increase the capacity of faith-based organizations to more effectively address HIV/AIDS and STIs on the north side of Flint, Michigan.

YBH also seeks to achieve two other goals:

  1. change the norms of churches to provide a more open and accepting setting where youth and adults can more effectively discuss and find support for discussing and addressing the behaviors that put them at risk for HIV/AIDS and STIs; and
  2. reduce the incidence of HIV/AIDS and sexually transmitted infections (STIs) in 11-25 year old African American males and females.

The intervention includes five components: knowledge and skills building sessions for youth; information sessions for interested adults; training of pastors’ wives and other church leaders who facilitate YBH; church events to raise the awareness of congregants; and community-based activities to build relationships between churches, strengthen interdenominational ties, and connect churches with community services and residents.  Thus far through these multi-level efforts, YBH has trained 46 faith-based organizations and three housing communities.

YBH is a community-based participatory research project developed and led by YOUR Center, a community-based organization (CBO) partner on the PRC/MI Community Board.  University of Michigan School of Public Health faculty and staff have collaborated with the YOUR Center on proposal development, evaluation, dissemination, and strategic planning for YBH.

Partner Organizations

  • YOUR Center
  • University of Michigan, School of Public Health
  • Flint Odyssey House Inc., Health Awareness Center
  • Faith Access to Community Economic Development
  • Genesee County Health Department

Flint Faith-Based Organizations

Antioch Missionary Baptist Church, Bethel United Methodist Church, Break Through Ministries of Jesus Christ, Charity United Methodist, El Bethel Evangelistic Baptist Church, End-Times Deliverance Church, Eureka Bible Church of God in Christ, Dozier Memorial C.M.E.Church, Fairhaven Seventh Day Adventist, Faith Baptist Temple, Faith Deliverance Center, First New Life Baptist, Gift of Life Church of God in Christ, First Union Baptist Church, Genesis Baptist Church, Greater Emmanuel Temple Apostolic Church, Greater Friendship Azusa Church of God in Christ, Greater Friendship Azusa Church of God in Christ, Greater Galilee Baptist Church, Greater Holy Temple, House of Prayer Missionary Baptist Church, Metropolitan Baptist Tabernacle, Morning Star Missionary Baptist Church, Mt. Calvary Missionary Baptist, Mt. Hermon Baptist Church, N’ COBRA Muhammad’s Study Group, New Generation Holiness Center, New Life Tabernacle Church of God in Christ, North Star Missionary Baptist Church, Open Door Temple C.O.G.I.C., Our Savior Lutheran, Pentecostal Temple Apostolic Church, Refuge Temple Church of Flint, Restoration Bethel Ministries, Rhema Word of Faith Church of God in Christ, Rock Church of God In Christ, St. George Bethel C.O.G.I.C.,  St. Peter C.M.E. Church, St. James C.M.E.,  Second Chance Baptist Church, Second Chance Missionary Baptist, Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church of Flint, Solid Foundation Church of God in Christ, The Power of God Ministries, Vernon Chapel African Methodist Episcopal Church, Word of Life Christian Church.

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