Speak To Your Health! Community Survey


Speak To Your Health! Community Survey
Principal Investigator: Marc Zimmerman, PhD, UM SPH
Survey Committee Co-Chairs:
Susan Frazier-Kouassi, PhD, UM SPH (Email: skouassi@umich.edu)
Suzanne Cupal, MPH, Genesee County Health Dept. (Email: scupal@gchd.us)
Project Dates: 2003-Present
Funding Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Genesee County Health Department
Website: http://speak.sph.umich.edu


The Speak To Your Health! Community Survey project examines a wide range of issues related to individual and community health in Genesee County, Michigan. This biennial survey is designed by community, health department and university partners to monitor and understand community health and community concerns, monitor the impact of PRC/MI and other health initiatives on community health outcomes, and promote change that improves the health of Genesee County communities.

The goals are to: 1) understand residents’ health-related behaviors and perceptions; 2) provide information for needs assessments and evaluations of projects; 3) identify community assets; 4) understand the associations between residents’ health-related behaviors and perceptions, social determinants, and health outcomes; 5) provide training opportunities; and 6) develop a community health agenda that is widely disseminated and democratic.

Arab American Supplement (2011 – 2013)

Michigan has the largest Arab American population in the United States, yet little data exists about the prevalence and outcomes of physical and mental illness and health care access that specifically captures Arab Americans since they are typically categorized as “white” on the Census and in other research. To address the need for more information about the Arab American population, the PRC/MI is conducting a version of the Speak To Your Health! Community Survey with Arab Americans in Genesee County with support from the Arab American Heritage Council (AAHC), a key non-profit community organization that specifically serves the needs of Flint-area Arab Americans and other recent immigrants. The 2011 Speak To Your Health! survey was adapted for this supplemental project and includes additional questions about hookah smoking and perceived racial discrimination.

Speak To Your Health! Website

Visit the STYH! website for more information and to access data tables from each year of the Genesee County Survey. The website includes:

To access the data you will need to create a login and password for the site.