Center Initiatives

Our members and partners are performing research, evaluation, and community engagement across a number of centers and projects.

Recent Publications

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Cole, H. V. S., Anguelovski, I., Triguero-Mas, M., Mehdipanah, R., & Arcaya, M. (2023). Promoting Health Equity Through Preventing or Mitigating the Effects of Gentrification: A Theoretical and Methodological Guide. Annual Review of Public Health, 44, 193–211.
Thulin, E. J., Kernsmith, P., Fleming, P. J., Heinze, J. E., Temple, J., & Smith-Darden, J. (2023). Coercive-sexting: Predicting adolescent initial exposure to electronic coercive sexual dating violence. Computers in Human Behavior, 141, 107641.
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Mehdipanah, R. (2023). Without Affordable, Accessible, and Adequate Housing, Health Has No Foundation. The Milbank Quarterly, 101(S1), 419–443.