APHA 2012


PRC/MI faculty, staff and partners are planning on being at APHA in San Francisco this Fall. Here is a schedule of our upcoming presentations and posters.   Download schedule

Sunday, October 282:30 PMPOSTERPRIME
Griffith, D. M., Carr, A., Jegede, B., Allen, J. O., Canady, R., Weir, S., Reischl, T., & Celestin, C. PRIME: A state health department effort to build organizational capacity to reduce health disparities.
Sunday, October 284:30 PMPOSTERSpeak To Your Health!
Kruger, D. J., Valacak, M., Campbell, B., & Greenberg, E. High STI incidence in racial geographic isolates.
Monday, October 2910:30 AMPOSTERREACH
Kruger, D. J., Turner, T. M., Brownlee, S., DeLoney, E. H., Campbell, B., & Carty, D. C. Assessing the long-term impact of the Undoing Racism Workshop.
Monday, October 2910:30 AMROUNDTABLEcommunity partner presentation
Carty, D. C., Turner, T. M., Campbell, B., DeLoney, E. H., & Griffith, D. M. Community-based approaches to infant mortality reduction: What works.
Monday, October 2912:30 PMPOSTERFAS
Eisman, A., Zimmerman, M., & Bauermeister, J. A. Risk and promotive factors associated with violent behavior among urban youth: Consideration of sex differences.
Monday, October 2912:30 PMPOSTERMI-YVPC
Zimmerman, M., Reischl, T., Morrel-Samuels, S., Miller, A., & Aiyer, S. MI-YVPC: A community-based, multi-level approach to youth violence prevention.
Tuesday, October 308:30 AMROUNDTABLESpeak To Your Health!
Kruger, D. J., & Cupal, S. Speak To Your Health! Community Survey: A tool for community capacity building and policy for health promotion.
Tuesday, October 3011:30 AMORALFAS
Pingel, E., Ziv, T., Cham, H., & Zimmerman, M. “I ain’t got nowhere to go but up”: Visions of success and struggle among African Americans transitioning into adulthood in Flint, Michigan.
Tuesday, October 3012:30 PMPOSTERMI-YVPC
Krusky, A., Reischl, T., Zimmerman, M., Lipton, R., Franzen, S., Miller, A., & Aiyer, S. Property parcel maintenance and public health: Developing the Property Assessment Tool (PAT).
Tuesday, October 302:30 PMPOSTERVirtual Networks
Gordon-Messer, D., Bauermeister, J. A., Soler, J., & Zimmerman, M. Online Peer Networks: Examining the relationship between composition of young adults’ online networks and their AOD behaviors.
Tuesday, October 304:30 PMPOSTERcommunity partner presentation
Williams, T., Dodd, D., Campbell, B., Pichon, L., & Griffith, D. M. Role of religious parents in adolescent sexual health decision-making.
Wednesday, October 318:30 AMORALcommunity partner presentation
Key, K., Sparks, A., Cupal, S., Bayer, I. S., Bell, L., & DeLoney, E. H. Communities working in partnership: Building capacity in the community to affect social determinants of health through policy change.
Wednesday, October 318:30 AMPOSTERSpeak To Your Health!
Kruger, D. J., Krusky, A., Franzen, S., & Zimmerman, M. Reliance on the Internet for health information predicts high HIV risk.
Wednesday, October 318:30 AMPOSTERcommunity partner presentation
Perez, A., Cupal, S., Waller, K., Poole, E., Fisher, C., Perry, M., Doellner, A., Bailey, S., DeLoney, E. H., Badon, C., & Valerio, M. Flint map intervention improving patient/provider communication.
Wednesday, October 3110:30 AMROUNDTABLERC4
Alexander, V., Paberzs, A., Piechowski, P., Bell, L., Calhoun, K., Watkins, M., Talsma, F., Zimmerman, M., & Sampselle, C. Exploring the experiences and impact of Community Research Associates (CRAs) in building infrastructure for community-engaged research: A multi-institution survey of RC4 projects.
Wednesday, October 3112:45 PMORALMI-YVPC
Kruger, D. J., Reischl, T., Franzen, S., Miller, A., Stoddard, S., & Zimmerman, M. Importance of present time orientation in predicting early adolescent violence.
Wednesday, October 311:30 PMORALPRIME
Krusky, A., Reischl, T., Carr, A., Griffith, D. M., Jegede, B., & Dunn, D. Evaluating Undoing Racism and health equity training with a state health department.