PRC-MI Posters Tie for 1st Place at MICHR Community Engagement Conference

Congratulations are extended to our PRC-MI students, Ashley Garrity and Alexandra Turner, for sharing the 1st place prize for their posters in the student category at yesterday’s MICHR 2013 Community Engagement Symposium: Stronger Relevant Research, Better Health Outcomes.

The winning posters: “Making Data Useful: Using Multiple Methods to Share the Results of a Community Health Survey to Improve Community Health Outcomes” (Garrity, Grodzinski, Frazier-Kouassi, Morrel-Samuels, and the STYH Committee) and “A Community Based Participatory Approach to Using Social Media to Engage African American Young Adults in an Online Intervention to Prevent HIV and Sexually Transmitted Infections” (Turner, Hawkins, Grodzinski, Campbell, Morrel-Samuels, Campbell, Veinot, and Zimmerman).

Kudos also to Dr. Dan Kruger for the poster “Community Leadership and Participation Enhances Outcomes in the Encuesta Buenos Vecinos Project” (Kruger, Ledon, Waller, Epstein, Isela Flores, Llanes, and Rhenigans) for winning 1st place in the non-student category.