Latest Speak To Your Health! News Brief


We are pleased to bring you the latest issue in a series of short news briefs based on the results of our Speak To Your Health! Community Survey. This month’s topic is: Overweight and Obesity. Here are some highlights:

  •  The average BMI of Genesee County residents is 29. The average BMI of Flint residents is 31.
  • 23% of Genesee County residents eat at least 5 fruits and vegetables per day.
  • 31% of Genesee County residents eat 2 or more fast food meals in a typical week.
  • Genesee County adults engage in physical activity in their neighborhood park once every other week. Children in Genesee County engage in physical activity once every week.
  • Genesee County residents engage in moderate physical activity (such as brisk walking,  vacuuming, or gardening) for an average of 47 minutes 3.7 times per week.

Speak To Your Health! news briefs are simple and short, with the purpose of drawing attention to important health issues facing Genesee County residents. They also contain information and resources in Genesee County that might prove useful.

Topics featured in back issues of the briefs include: Mental Health Awareness, Alcohol Awareness, Nutrition, Diabetes, Physical Activity, Race and Health, Breast Cancer Screening, Sleep and Health, Incarceration and Mental Health, Preventing Sexually Transmitted Infections in Genesee County, Working Towards a Smoke-Free Genesee County, Access to Healthcare Services in Genesee County, and Men’s Physical Activity and Nutrition. All of the briefs are available in both PDF and Word versions here on our website.

To learn more, visit the new Speak To Your Health! Community Survey website featuring general information, map libraries, and tables for each year of the Genesee County survey, including the 2011 survey. To access the data you will need to create a login and password for the site.