YES Launches New Website

A picture of one of the gardens created in a YES program.

yeshomeimageWe are pleased to announce that Youth Empowerment Solutions has a new website. Youth Empowerment Solutions is a theory based youth violence prevention program that focuses on empowering youth to create change in their communities.

The YES website provides in-depth information about the curriculum, youth led community improvement projects, evaluation, training and the theory behind the program. The YES program is being disseminated nationwide and we are offering training and evaluation services to others who are interested in implementing the program in their community.

In addition, the YES  has debuted a new series of short videos capturing the core elements of the YES program. The six videos were filmed over several months from 2012-2013 at several YES programs in  Flint and Genesee County. Each short 1-2 minute segment focuses on a core element of the curriculum and include YES kids, teachers and policy makers talking about the program and its outcomes. Films include:  Empowering Leaders, Cultural Identity, 21st Century Skills, Working with Adults, Teamwork and Changing their Environment.

Visit the YES website to learn more about the program and watch the YES videos.