A positive future outlook influences alcohol and drug use in highschool

Findings from a recent publication by PRC and YVPC affiliate faculty, Dr. Sarah Stoddard, suggests that positive future orientation (i.e., individual’s thoughts and feelings about their future) may play a key role in the prevention of alcohol and other drug use among adolescents.

The article that was recently published in the journal Youth & Society, examined the relationship between school environment, peer influence, and alcohol and marijuana use among high school students. The researchers also explored these factors in relationship to future orientation.  Stoddard and her colleague found that school environment and positive peer behavior were associated with a positive future orientation, and future orientation influenced AOD use perceptions, intentions, and behaviors.

The U-M Injury Center has released their latest publication brief summarizing the purpose, methods, and key findings for viewing and sharing. Or read the full article here.

Article Citation:

Stoddard, S. A., & Pierce, J. (2016). Alcohol and Marijuana Use and Intentions Among Adolescents: The Role of the Reasoned Action Approach and Positive Future Orientation. Youth & Society, 0044118X16671610.