PRC Director Marc Zimmerman recognized with collegiate professorship

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We are pleased to announce that on March 16th, 2017, the Board of Regents of the University of Michigan appointed Marc Zimmerman as the Marshall H. Becker Collegiate Professor of Public Health. Dr. Zimmerman, Director of the PRC and MI-YVPC, has been part of the University of Michigan School of Public Health Faculty since 1989. He is currently a professor of Health Behavior and Health Education as well as Psychology.

Marshall Becker’s research related to compliance with medical regimens and factors influencing preventive and disease management actions placed him in the forefront of health behavior research. His legacy includes fundamental contributions to the establishment of the Health Belief Model, a theoretical framework for predicting health behavior widely employed in health-related research and practice. Becker, a professor of Health Behavior and Health Education at the School of Public Health, was recognized by the University of Michigan with a Distinguished Faculty Achievement Award and was elected to the Institute of Medicine. He passed away in 1993.

“It’s always great when your colleagues—the people you work with every day—give you an honor like this,” says Zimmerman. “I am flattered and humbled. Marshall Becker was a mentor of mine early in my career and a beloved, iconic character. He didn’t take himself too seriously, but he took his work very seriously. When he gave a lecture, you would laugh but also learn something.”

On behalf of the PRC faculty and staff, we would like to congratulate Marc on this well-deserved honor.

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