Thanks to our 2018 Summer Interns!

A photo of some of our PRC and YVPC 2018 Summer Interns

Our center had an amazing group of interns join us this summer. Their wide-ranging experiences and skills were invaluable in moving our projects forward. Our interns included undergraduate and master’s students from across the university and they worked on a variety of projects including Community Engagement & Revitalization (YVPC’s core project), Core SVIPP, Sandy Hook Promise Miami, Badges for Baseball Evaluation, and Addressing Mental Health and School Safety (MSU NIJ). Students were engaged in all parts of the research process including proposal writing, instrument development and testing, community-based data collection, data cleaning and analysis, and report writing.

We have asked our interns and their supervisors comment on their accomplishments and this summer. Read about their experiences below.

Thank you to all of our interns for their contributions!

Dana Greene, Jr.

Second year MPH student in the Health Behavior Health Education Program

Project(s): Michigan YVPC: Community Engagement & Revitalization, in Youngstown, OH

Proudest accomplishment from this summer:
I am most proud of my work in Youngstown establishing the gold standard for reliability testing and running reliability for both Flint and Youngstown. I am most proud of these accomplishments because it required me to work thoughtfully and collaboratively with a team member as well as giving me experience in the field.

Desiree Liwosz:
At the beginning of the summer Dana shared that he wanted to build his skills as a project manager. He most definitely succeeded in his mission, and it was obvious that he grew into a leadership role in our YVPC data collection efforts both in the office and in the field. He was instrumental in selecting our research study sites on ARC-GIS, and built his leadership skills by effectively managing field research staff in Youngstown. We are grateful for his support this summer!

Riya Kumar

Fourth year in the School of Public Health Undergraduate Program

Project(s): Sandy Hook Promise Foundation evaluations (LAUSD, phase 2) and Cal Ripken Sr. Foundation Program evaluation

Proudest accomplishment from this summer: I was exposed to many parts of the research process this summer, but looking back there is one thing that I am most proud of. For the Cal Ripken Sr. Foundation project, I was tasked with writing the methods section. This was the first time I’ve written a section for a report. I had never been exposed to writing a report before this summer, but Mary (Cunningham) forwarded me some resources and I was able to use them along with using other publications as examples to write the methods section for the project. I do think of myself as being better with numbers than I am with words and because of this I am always trying to improve my writing skills, especially since writing in the research field is completely different from writing a paper or report in a class setting. I was nervous when I was tasked to write parts of the report so I am proud of being able to nail down the semantics and format. I am grateful to Mary and everyone else at the PRC for allowing me to learn so many different skills this summer.

Mary Cunningham:
Riya was enthusiastic to get her hands dirty on a wide array of tasks, from qualitative research to research proposal submission. Her can-do attitude meant she was always busy and was exposed to many aspects of the research process. Her positive attitude, efficiency, and high quality work made her a tremendous asset to our team.

Photo of Ruoshui (Rosie) LiuRuoshui (Rosie) Liu

Master’s student in Urban and Regional Planning at Taubman College

Project(s): Michigan YVPC: Community Engagement & Revitalization

Proudest accomplishment from this summer: Applying GIS knowledge learned in classroom to facilitate real-world fieldwork and stepping out of my comfort zone of dealing with words and breaking into the field of dealing with data.

Joe Alberts:
Rosie’s work on preparing study sites, layers and online maps for data collection was superb. She picked up our methods quickly, asked great questions along the way, and her attention to detail was fantastic. Rosie’s even-keeled and positive outlook made working with her even during high pressure times a pleasure. I’m looking forward to seeing how she tackles some of the GIS data challenges to get things ready for analysis over the coming months. Thanks, Rosie!

Kathleen Niedermeier

Sophomore in the college of LSA

Project(s): Sandy Hook Promise Foundation evaluations (Miami-Dade), Core-VIPP evaluation

Proudest accomplishment from this summer: From this summer, I am most proud of the work I did with the Sandy Hook data from Chicago Public Schools. I was given over 700 surveys, which I entered, cleaned, and analyzed. I enjoyed learning my way around SPSS better, and performing analyses that I hadn’t done before.

Hsing-Fang Hsieh:
Kathleen is easy to work with and can seamlessly hop onto projects already in progress. She has excellent communication skills and works efficiently on a wide range of tasks.  She also never hesitated to take on new, challenging tasks and completed the tasks with impressive quality. It has been such a fun and inspiring experience working with Kathleen!

Naomi Pomerantz

Recent graduate from the dual degree MSW and MPH program at U of M

Project(s): Flint Adolescent Study, Core-VIPP evaluation, and the MSU NIJ mental health first aid and restorative justice project

Proudest accomplishment from this summer: The accomplishment I’m most proud of is helping to create a revised pre-/post-test that will be used with the Safe Dates curriculum.

Hsing-Fang Hsieh:
Naomi joined PRC since she was a dual-degree master’s student in HBHE and Social Work. She has worked on multiple state- and federally- funded projects with tasks ranging from data analysis to proposal writing to program management. She is a self-starter and a very dedicated worker. I greatly appreciate her passion, knowledge, and excellent skills in research and practice. Naomi became such an integral part of our team!

Photo Brianna ScottBrianna Scott

Summer Research Opportunity Program (Sponsored by Rackham Graduate School)

Project(s): Flint Adolescent Study

Proudest accomplishment from this summer: The accomplishment I am most proud of is being co-authored on a manuscript we are submitting for publication on October 1st! The topic of the paper is the experience of victimization in emerging adulthood and the development of chronic disease risk factors in middle adulthood.

Hsing-Fang Hsieh:
Briana was a tremendously motivated and self-directed member of our PRC team this summer. She dove right in by completing an excellent review of the literature and was instrumental in moving our manuscript forward over the course of her astonishingly fast 8-week internship. Everyone was engaged during her thoughtful presentation of our team’s findings- a latent profile analysis of risk behaviors related to cancer-and she showed great composure fielding questions from the whole PRC staff. It was a pleasure working with Briana this summer!