Social support for young violence victims could reduce risk of cervical cancer

New research from the PRC, just published in the Journal of Women’s Health, examines long-term outcomes of violence victimization in African American women. The research confirmed associations drawn in previous studies between violence victimization, psychological distress, and substance abuse, but went a step further and investigated the indirect effects of these factors on pap smear […]

Hospital ERs play vital role in reducing youth violence in urban communities

ANN ARBOR—Thirty minutes of counseling during an emergency room visit can decrease a young person’s involvement in future violent behaviors, researchers at the University of Michigan have found. Researchers from the Michigan Youth Violence Prevention Center and the U-M Injury Center found that a single, structured counseling session delivered to high-risk youth by a social […]

Community-academic partnership launches Healthy Flint Research Coordinating Center

We are excited to be teaming up with our colleagues in Flint and Michigan State University to launch the Healthy Flint Research Coordinating Center.  This new collaboration of Flint’s Community Based Organization Partners (a coalition of community-based organizations), UM-Flint, the University of Michigan’s Ann Arbor campus and Michigan State University will ensure community needs stay at […]

Op-Ed Flint water crisis…and beyond

In a recent op-ed in US News & World Report,  Drs. Marc Zimmerman,  Rebecca Cunningham, and Mahshid Abir, discuss the Flint water crisis and what it means for the health of the community moving forward. We have been privileged to work with the Flint community for over 20 years and have developed longstanding relationships and partnerships with the numerous […]

Fathers and Sons program launches in Chicago

ANN ARBOR—A proven University of Michigan program to strengthen the father-son bond, with a goal to reduce risky youth behaviors, will now be conducted in Chicago. The U-M School of Public Health has been awarded a five-year, $3 million grant from the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development of the National Institutes of […]

Anxiety in African American youth impacts future cortisol production in gender specific ways

ANN ARBOR—African-American youth whose anxiety levels are elevated by the everyday struggles they encounter will overproduce the stress hormone cortisol into adulthood, according to new research from the University of Michigan. Researchers found that anxiety among females and alcohol use among males in their teens predict their cortisol output seven years later. “This paper extends […]

Congressman Kildee returns to talk to youth

We’d like to thank Congressman Kildee for taking the time to talk with the kids from the Michigan YVPC  YES and Mentoring programs. “I think people operate under the assumption that young kids don’t have anything to add to the conversation, but talking to these kids about their neighborhoods is more poignant than reading data”, Kildee […]

Interview: Fighting Inaction on Gun Safety

Our own Susan Morrel-Samuels appeared on MSNBC News on July 13.  She joined Jarvis DeBerry, Columnist for the Times-Picayune, on Disrupt with Karen Finney. She discussed what we are doing to prevent youth violence and offered comment on the recent Injury Center Study (Zimmerman and Cunningham among the co-authors) that was published just last week. Watch the […]

Community-academic partnership explores barriers to calling 911 for stroke

African Americans are more likely to have a stroke and suffer from greater disability after a stroke than Whites.  This is partially due to the fact that many African Americans do not make it to the hospital on time to receive a treatment that could drastically reduce the devastating effects.  Existing interventions  focus on teaching […]

Research projects featured in Findings Magazine

Several PRC/MI faculty and research studies were featured in the latest issue of Findings Magazine, published by the University of Michigan School of Public Health. Betting on Love and the “The Physician’s Art of Compassion”(right hand side bar) describes Cleo Caldwell’s Fathers and Sons projects.   Love and Resiliency: Tales of Resiliency This feature focuses on two […]

The Academic Minute: Online Peer Pressure

Dr. Sarah Stoddard discussed  findings from the Virtual Networks Study on the December 31st Academic Minute. Listen to the recording here. Full text available on The Academic Minute Website: Dr. Sarah Stoddard – Online Peer Pressure Young adults spend increasing amounts of time socializing online through social networking sites. But do these online interactions […]