Community greening efforts help reduce violent crime

Flint residents work in a community garden, part of the Clean and Green Program developed by the Genesee County Land Bank Authority in the City of Flint. Image courtesy: Genesee County Land Bank Authority

Originally posted at Michigan News (University of Michigan). Image courtesy of the Genesee County Land Bank Authority. ANN ARBOR—Efforts to beautify vacant lots in the city of Flint have made neighborhoods more appealing but have also reduced assaults and violent crime by 40 percent, according to a new study by University of Michigan. The study, […]

New YES study sheds light on factors related to implementing programs in real-world settings

Translating evidence based programs from controlled settings into real-world community settings is challenging. Inevitably, life gets in the way, and programs are not implemented as they were originally designed or intended. Measuring implementation factors can help guide future implementation and improve program outcomes. A new study, published in the journal, Health Promotion Practice, presents methods to […]

Male teens are less likely to use marijuana with strong parent support

A study led by FAS researchers, Jason Goldstick and Justin Heinze, studied how parental support and perceived peer behaviors increase or decrease the risk for marijuana use and if it is different between age and gender. Peer influences are found to be the most important risk factor for substance use, and parental support is frequently […]

Study explores links between violence exposure, friendship and depression in teens

A new study led by PRC faculty member, Justin Heinze examined the exposure to violence during adolescence and how that may increase the risk of depression and anxiety symptoms in early adulthood. Researchers also took into account the individual’s friendship attachment during adolescence and whether it influences the risk of the depression and anxiety symptoms […]

Social support for young violence victims could reduce risk of cervical cancer

New research from the PRC, just published in the Journal of Women’s Health, examines long-term outcomes of violence victimization in African American women. The research confirmed associations drawn in previous studies between violence victimization, psychological distress, and substance abuse, but went a step further and investigated the indirect effects of these factors on pap smear […]

A positive future outlook influences alcohol and drug use in highschool

Findings from a recent publication by PRC and YVPC affiliate faculty, Dr. Sarah Stoddard, suggests that positive future orientation (i.e., individual’s thoughts and feelings about their future) may play a key role in the prevention of alcohol and other drug use among adolescents. The article that was recently published in the journal Youth & Society, […]

New study examines links between life satisfaction and school violence

A new study led by our colleague, Jorge Varela at the Universidad del Desarollo in Santiago, Chile, examined the relationship between school violence and life satisfaction among youth, specifically looking at the role that school satisfaction may also play in that relationship. The researchers analyzed data from a sample of 802 seventh graders from three different cities in Chile and […]

New study examines the factors that influence the police-community relationship

Interactions between police and the communities they serve have always been an important component to police efficacy, as the police depend on community residents to both report crimes, and cooperate with them in their investigations. However, the tension between the two groups, though not a new phenomenon, has been highlighted recently by numerous, very public […]

New study examines alcohol and cigarette use among Polish youth

A  study of middle school students in Warsaw, Poland examined both the risk factors and promotive factors associated with adolescent substance abuse.  The survey questionnaire and items were based on those used for Flint Adolescent Study. Substance abuse is a significant issue for adolescents in Poland. Poland transitioned from a socialist to capitalist economy several decades ago.  […]

Family dynamics throughout teen years linked to sexual risk behaviors

A new publication from the Flint Adolescent Study explores how family functioning throughout the adolescent years relates to sexual risk behaviors among teens. HIV and other sexually transmitted infections (STIs) remain a major public health concern in the US. Adolescents are at increased risk for HIV/STI and Black adolescents are disproportionately affected. Previous studies have […]

Hospital ERs play vital role in reducing youth violence in urban communities

ANN ARBOR—Thirty minutes of counseling during an emergency room visit can decrease a young person’s involvement in future violent behaviors, researchers at the University of Michigan have found. Researchers from the Michigan Youth Violence Prevention Center and the U-M Injury Center found that a single, structured counseling session delivered to high-risk youth by a social […]

Fear of violence leads to weight problems for some young women

ANN ARBOR—Young African-American women who live in fear of the violence in their neighborhoods are more likely to become obese when they reach their 20s and 30s, new research from the University of Michigan Flint Adolescent Study shows. The community-based study in Flint, Mich., reveals that African-American girls who express fear about their violent surroundings […]