Marc Zimmerman, PhD

A photo of Marc Zimmerman, Ph.D.

Director, Prevention Research Collaborative

Dr. Zimmerman is the Director of the Prevention Research Collaborative and the CDC-funded Michigan Youth Violence Prevention Center. Dr. Zimmerman’s research focuses on health and resiliency of adolescents, and on empowerment theory. His work on adolescent health examines how positive factors in adolescents’ lives help them overcome risks they face. His research includes analysis of adolescent resiliency for risks associated with alcohol and drug use, violent behavior, precocious sexual behavior, and school failure. He is also studying developmental transitions and longitudinal models of change. Dr. Zimmerman’s work on empowerment theory includes measurement and analysis of psychological and community empowerment. The research includes both longitudinal interview studies and community intervention research. Dr. Zimmerman is the Editor of Youth and Society, a member of the editorial board for Health Education Research, and a member of the Editor Emerita of Health Education and Behavior.


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