Evaluation of PRIME

A photograph of a mother and infant.

Project Details


The objective of PRIME is to enhance the capacity of the Michigan Department of Community Health’s (MDCH) Bureau of Family, Maternal & Child Health (BFMCH) to reduce Blacks/Whites and American Indians/Whites disparities in infant mortality in Michigan. The primary goal of PRIME is to create a public health practice model that can help BFMCH and its staff to more effectively address the racial disparities in infant mortality in the state of Michigan. PRIME is unique in that the explicit aim of the project is to enhance the effectiveness of current programs, projects and policies that may help to reduce racial disparities. PRIME seeks to achieve this aim by providing resources, training and technical assistance to staff, building on resources and lessons learned from collaborations with local public health, professional consultants and university partners. PRC/MI faculty and staff are conducting the PRIME evaluation.


  • MDCH
    • Bureau of Family, Maternal & Child Health
    • Health Disparities Reduction and Minority Health Section
    • MDCH Administration
    • Division of Genomics, Perinatal Health, and Chronic Disease Epidemiology
  • UM School of Public Health:
    • Center on Men’s Health Disparities
    • Office of Public Health Practice
  • Ingham and Wayne County Health Departments
  • Intertribal Council of MI
  • Nimkee Memorial Wellness Center
  • Corner Health Center
  • PRIME Local Learning Collaborative