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Project Details


FACTS is an interdisciplinary group of more than 30 researchers, practitioners, and firearm owners across the U.S, who are dedicated to reducing child firearm injuries and deaths, while respecting gun ownership as an important part of the cultural fabric of the U.S. The FACTS consortium was funded by NICHD in 2017 to engage multidisciplinary research expertise across the U.S to catalyze the science of child firearm injury prevention.

FACTS believes that by building the knowledge base through research, we can decrease child and adolescent firearm injuries and death. Our core mission includes these immediate activities:

  • Defining a pediatric-specific injury research agenda to guide research priorities
  • Stimulating and conducting novel firearm prevention research to inform the field and guide best practices
  • Improving access to and use of national firearm data through development of an online data repository where researchers can easily access data
  • Training research scholars across disciplines who will advance the next generation of research

Journal Articles

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