Healthy Lifestyle Initiative Pilot and Evaluation

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Project Details


The Michigan Department of Community Health (a member of the PRC-MI State Board) received a grant from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to implement two strategies for reducing obesity among African American women: (A) develop a statewide strategic plan and (B) develop, implement, and evaluate a pilot project to improve eating and physical activity habits. The statewide strategic plan development included recommendations for culturally sensitive communication campaigns, social, policy and environmental changes, faith-based approaches, trainings for healthcare providers, core measures for obesity, improved surveillance, and building a science base for understanding effective interventions.

The pilot project was developed and implemented in Genesee County and involved several PRC-MI partner organizations, including Genesee County Community Action Resource Department GCCARD), Genesee County Health Department, UM-Flint, and the Flint Urban Gardening and Land Use Committee (FUGLUC). UM School of Public Health faculty and students conducted the pilot program evaluation. The pilot project in Genesee County included culturally sensitive health care provider counseling and education, the development of an indoor exercise center, and neighborhood-based environmental improvement to encourage walking and other physical activity.

Technical Reports

Reischl, T. M., & Alaimo, K. (2002). Process and outcome evaluation strategies for State of Michigan strategic plan for reducing obesity/overweight among African American women.