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The Healthy Minds Network (HMN) is dedicated to improving the mental and emotional well-being of young people through innovative, multidisciplinary scholarship. For 15 years, the network has administered the Healthy Minds Study (HMS), a population-level survey of post-secondary student mental health, collecting over half a million responses from students at more than 450 colleges and universities. The network’s research efforts have expanded into other facets of mental health in educational settings, including the role and health of faculty and staff. HMN’s survey research provides a detailed look at the prevalence of mental health outcomes, knowledge, and attitudes about mental health and service utilization. HMS emphasizes understanding help-seeking behavior, examining stigma, knowledge, and other potential barriers to mental health service utilization.

Our goal is for Healthy Minds Student and Faculty/Staff Study data to be used to inform policy and practice at post-secondary institutions. HMS data can be used to:

  • Strengthen grant applications (e.g., SAMHSA Garrett Lee Smith grants)
  • Advocate for mental health services and programs on campus
  • Evaluate existing programs (e.g., reductions in stigma following a major campaign)
  • Assess the need for programs and services
  • Raise awareness of mental health and campus resources
  • Make comparisons with peer institutions