Managing Epilepsy Well


Project Details


Studies have shown that epilepsy affects all areas of life and, as a result, requires a comprehensive view of self management. In partnership with the Epilepsy Foundation of Michigan and the Center for Managing Chronic Disease, the PRC/MI received Special Interest Project funding to participate in the Managing Epilepsy Well Network for Epilepsy Self Management.

The goal of the project is to study the experiences and effects of self management interventions for epilepsy and other chronic diseases, leading to an epilepsy self-management research project which will implement and test the intervention. In addition to conducting a review of the literature and existing programs to identify chronic disease and epilepsy self- management models, researchers are interviewing 100 clinical, social service, research, and other professionals who work to improve self-management of the disorder. The study team is working with an expert panel to analyze the data and make recommendations for the implementation and evaluation of promising interventions.


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