Screening Utilization by Breast Cancer Survivors and Their Relatives


Project Details


Over the past two decades, advances in screening, detection, and treatment have led to a significant reduction in the number of breast cancer deaths in the United States and in Michigan. However, the Comprehensive Cancer Control Plan for Michigan and the Healthy People 2020 objective is to further “reduce the female breast cancer death rate” (Healthy People 2020, MCC 2009). This project strives to accomplish this goal, specifically for female breast cancer survivors diagnosed at 25-45 years old and their female relatives who may also have an increased risk.

The study will employ a combination of surveillance techniques including using a state cancer registry to reach women state-wide, asking survivors to assume an advocacy role to increase screening among their high-risk female relatives, and using two versions of an evidence based media intervention to increase utilization of breast cancer screening services among survivors and their high-risk relatives.


  • University of Michigan School of Nursing
  • University of Michigan School of Public Health
  • University of Michigan School of Medicine
  • Michigan Department of Community Health (MDCH)
  • Michigan Cancer Surveillance Program (MCSP)
  • Cancer Genomics Unit, Breast Cancer and Cervical Control Program (BCCCP)
  • Michigan Cancer Consortium (MCC)