Survey Research

speak to your health survey
  • Encuesta Buenos Vecinos (Good Neighbors Survey) [2012-2013]
    The Encuesta Buenos Vecinos project will gather comprehensive information from 500 Washtenaw County Latino/as on health status and social determinants of health utilizing community based participatory research methods.
  • Flint Adolescent Study [1994-1999; 2000-2005; 2007-2012]
    The Flint Adolescent Study is an ongoing longitudinal study which began in 1994. The survey examines risk and protective factors associated with a variety of outcomes, including violence and substance use, in a predominantly African American sample of young adults.
  • Jackson County Community Survey [2007-2009]
    This study examined the health issues and needs in Jackson County, Michigan.
  • Speak To Your Health! Community Survey [2003-present]
    This biennial survey is designed by community, health department, and university partners to monitor and understand community health, inform program development, evaluate health initiatives, and enhance the capacity of community-based organizations (CBOs) to use data for practice.
  • Virtual Networks Study [2009-2012]
    This study uses an online survey to examine how the use of the internet influences youth’s substance use and sex behaviors.