Safe and Healthy Futures Through Prevention Research

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The Prevention Research Center at the University of Michigan School of Public Health promotes safe and healthy futures through prevention research. The Center conducts community-based research, with a focus on youth and adolescents and reducing health disparities in communities with a disproportionate share of poor health outcomes. Our research builds on principles and theories of positive youth development, resiliency, and empowerment and encompasses a range of public health issues, including violence prevention, sexual health, obesity, drug and alcohol use, and infant mortality.

Areas of Expertise

Community Assessments

Partnering with local organizations, we gather and analyze data about the health and well-being of community residents. The results are used to identify and prioritize health issues, inform the development of programs and policies, and evaluate health initiatives.

Program Development

We develop implement and evaluate programs that promote health and empower residents to improve their communities. Several of these programs have produced original evidence-based curricula that are available to the public.

Research Design and Data Analysis

Our faculty and staff use quantitative, qualitative, and spatial analysis methods to explore data relating to health status and community conditions.  Our research findings are used to develop public health programs and policies at the local, state, and national levels.

Program Evaluation

We offer evaluation services and technical assistance to local and state agencies in a wide variety of public health areas.  Faculty and staff have expertise in diverse evaluation methods including: process and outcome evaluation, community-level and cross-site designs, collaborative participatory evaluation; and logic models.

Training and Mentoring

We provide training and mentoring to undergraduate and graduate students, and post-doctoral scholars interested in behavioral health research methods. We have welcomed students and scholars from the University of Michigan and other universities worldwide to participate in internships, independent study, fellowships, and research assistant opportunities. Many trainees go on to careers in public health practice and academic settings.  We also provide technical assistance for state and community organizations in research methods and evaluation, and in applying public health science to policy and program development.

Dissemination and Translation

We have developed expertise and capacity for high-level communications and dissemination for public health research. We provide consultation and technical assistance to public health providers on the dissemination of research findings and through digital and social media, cross-site communication strategies, and adaptation and translation of evidence-based interventions.