My Internship: A Summer of New Skills

By Lauren Weston Over the summer I worked with the Dr. Alison Miller on her research project in partnership with Motherly Intercession. I primarily worked on the Parenting While Incarcerated (PWI) program which was adapted from an existing evidence-based program and provided parenting support to incarcerated mothers through group sessions held at the jail. When […]

Project Update: Managing Epilepsy Well

Few people know much about the seizure disorder called epilepsy even though it is more prevalent than cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s, and autism spectrum disorders combined.  Epilepsy affects children and adults, and at least 40% of people with epilepsy continue to have seizures despite treatment.  Even those who can control seizures with treatment may […]

My Internship: Promoting Healthy Sexuality through Social Media

By Alex Turner This summer was an incredibly busy time for me, but I certainly enjoyed working on the HOPE Project. My primary area of interest is health communication, specifically tailoring messages to help people decide to change their behavior on their own. This is especially relevant to safer sex practices. One of my goals […]

Effective Partnerships Are the Key to Creating Sustainable Strategies

At the PRC-MI, we strive to develop sustainable strategies for disease prevention and health promotion for families and communities, and partnerships are essential to ensure success in reaching that goal. There are a number of examples of effective partnerships ongoing with PRC-MI projects. For example, the collaboration between Dr. Alison Miller and Motherly Intercession, Inc. […]

Utilizing a Community-Academic Partnership to Adapt an Evidence-Based Program

Forming strong partnerships between researchers and community members is an essential component of  translating research into community-level practice. The latest article from the PRC-MI, “Partnering to Translate Evidence-Based Programs to Community Settings: Bridging the Gap Between Research and Practice,” just published online in Health Promotion Practice, describes the process of forming an effective community-academic partnership resulting […]