My Internship: A Summer of New Skills

By Lauren Weston Over the summer I worked with the Dr. Alison Miller on her research project in partnership with Motherly Intercession. I primarily worked on the Parenting While Incarcerated (PWI) program which was adapted from an existing evidence-based program and provided parenting support to incarcerated mothers through group sessions held at the jail. When […]

My Internship: Learning That I Live in a Bubble

By Hadiyah Muhammad At the start of my internship I worked with the Michigan Youth Violence Prevention Center (MI-YVPC) staff and community partners to organize the Safe & Healthy Futures Youth Festival, intended to raise community awareness about the 6 MI-YVPC programs available to youth and their families in Flint. The festival featured three incredible […]

My Internship: What Your Biostatistics Professor Never Taught You

By Emily Greenberg Statistics and regression are two words that always seem to strike an ominous chord when uttered in the context of research. I’ve watched as seasoned researchers have lost their cool over a difficult analysis, but never fully understood what could be quite so challenging about the process until this summer. After taking […]

My Internship: Promoting Healthy Sexuality through Social Media

By Alex Turner This summer was an incredibly busy time for me, but I certainly enjoyed working on the HOPE Project. My primary area of interest is health communication, specifically tailoring messages to help people decide to change their behavior on their own. This is especially relevant to safer sex practices. One of my goals […]

My Internship: Preparing Research Data for the Community

By Audrey Barick One of the key tenets of community based participatory research (CBPR) is disseminating research findings and information back into the community that you’re working with, which is where my internship working on the Speak To Your Health! Community Survey comes in. At first glance, the work that I’ve been doing during my […]

Thank You Summer Interns!

We want to send out a big thank you to all of our summer intern students for a productive and fun summer.  Over the last 12 weeks,  our students developed health questionnaires,  led focus groups,  processed and analyzed loads of data, created  maps, drafted manuscripts,  tutored math (yes, that’s right), designed brochures, banners and websites, […]

My Internship: Mapping Crime

By Melinda Morang Crime affects people’s physical and mental health, and here at PRC-MI, we’d like to know if we can keep people safe and healthy by reducing or preventing crime. The Flint Police Department has been kind enough to share their crime incident records with us, and we now have a huge dataset with […]

Welcome PRC-MI Summer Interns

Summer is here and so are our new student interns. We are pleased to welcome 23 new students to the PRC-MI. Students will be working on many of our projects including YES, Motherly Intercession, Speak To Your Health!, HOPE, and Virtual Networks. We also welcome students from the Future Leaders in Public Health program and […]