Translating Research Into Practice

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The goal of our research is to develop sustainable strategies for disease prevention and health promotion for families and communities. Our research has led to the development of several evidence-based programs and models of practice that can be adapted and implemented by other communities. These include:

Youth Empowerment Solutions

YYES logoES is an evidence-based violence prevention curriculum that empowers youth to change their physical and social environments.  Youth learn leadership skills, assess their community, and develop and implement projects that contribute to violence prevention. Adults are trained to support youth in taking the lead on community change.  YES  has been adapted and implemented in several communities across the nation. The YES curriculum is available for download free of charge.  For more information, contact us or visit our YES website.

Speak To Your Health! Community Surveys

flint1_bigger-sizeSpeak To Your Health! Community Surveys are designed by local organizations and university partners to identify, monitor, and understand community health and concerns.  Data from the County Speak To Your Health! Survey has been used to support successful grant funding for local agencies in Genesee, Jackson, and Washtenaw Counties, including community health plans. The Speak To Your Health! Survey model can be tailored to specific populations and geographic locations.

Fathers and Sons

FatherSonPhotoThe Fathers and Sons program strengthens bonds between fathers and sons and promotes positive health behaviors.  The Fathers and Sons program has been recognized by the CDC as a promising intervention for the prevention of violence, substance use, and early sexual initiation.


display-resizedHOPE combines in-home educational parties with an online social network component to promote healthy sexuality and safer sex behaviors among young adults aged 18-24. HOPE was a partnership with the Genesee County Health Department, Saginaw County Department of Public Health, and YOUR Center.  The HOPE model for promoting healthy sexuality was found to have positive effects for young adults.

Motherly Intercession Programs

iStock_000004934624MediumChildren of incarcerated parents often experience high levels of stress, unstable home lives, exposure to parental drug use, and issues associated with chronic poverty. To address the challenges, Motherly Intercession, a community based non-profit agency in Genesee county Michigan provides programming to support the caregivers of children whose parents have been incarcerated, and social-emotional support, academic mentoring, and tutoring for the children.  PRC researchers partnered with Motherly Intercession to evaluate two programs: Strengthening Families Program and Parenting While Incarcerated. Research findings suggest clear evidence for the programs’ effectiveness on positive child outcomes.