YVPC launches new resource to tell story of revitalization in Flint


This week, the Michigan Youth Violence Prevention Center launched a new resource, Story Map: Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design in Flint, MI.

This new resource describes Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) principles and highlights how a community coalition applied them to address blight, reclaim neighborhoods, and establish a model for revitalization in Flint, Michigan.

This Story Map was created in partnership with the University Avenue Corridor Coalition, whose mission is to transform the University Avenue Corridor into an attractive and crime-free community that is conducive to sustainable development.

This resource is intended for youth violence practitioners, researchers, and community members interested in learning more about CPTED principles and how they can be applied to help create safe and healthy communities.  We encourage you to share the Story Map widely.

If you have any questions regarding the Story Map, please contact Laney Rupp, Research Associate, MI-YVPC at laneyr@umich.edu.